Application Calendar

January 1:  Applications are available on this website for coastal West Marin high school seniors, Tomales High School seniors, other new applicants from coastal West Marin, and continuing IGCSF scholars. 

February 15:  Submission deadline for continuing scholars

March 1:  Submission deadline for new applicants.

April 30:  Awards will be announced for new applicants and continuing scholars.

Payment Calendar

July - September: Fall Quarter/Semester

First check sent to the scholar after IGCSF receives:

  1. From new scholars: An electronic copy of fall registration documents.
  2. From continuing scholars: An electronic transcript from the previous spring quarter/semester and copy of official fall registration documents.

January: Winter Quarter/Spring Semester

Second check sent to the scholar after IGCSF receives an electronic copy of the fall quarter/semester transcript and a copy of winter quarter/spring semester registration documents.

March - April: Spring Quarter

For scholars on the quarter system, the third check will be sent after the IGCSF receives an electronic copy of the winter quarter transcript and a copy of spring quarter registration documents.