History and Background

Some of our 2019-20 scholars who attended the January 4th, 2020 holiday gathering
presented by the IGC Scholarship Fund

Top row from left to right:
Brayan Teodoro, Nomar Isais Barajas, Andy Azevedo, Max McFadden, Imogen Gonzalez, Mollie Donaldson, Alegra Grace, Rachel Gonzalez, Audrey Whitten, Jeanette Furlong, Alexis McIsaac, Connor Scutt, Maxine Meckfessel, Camilla Taylor

Bottom row left to right:
Kyra Toquinto, Colleen Tukana, Gavi Emunah, Melea Emunah


The Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund has grown significantly over the past decade.  In April 2019, we awarded 82 scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year.  We are supporting West Marin students enrolled in colleges and universities from our local community colleges to public and private colleges and universities in California and other states across the country. 

In 1960, the Inverness Garden Club established the Jessie Craig Memorial Fund in memory of a beloved member. The Fund awarded its first scholarship of $250 shortly thereafter. In early 1987, a permanent scholarship fund was established. The scholarship program grew over the years to the point where it became appropriate for the Scholarship Fund and the Garden Club to become separate not-for-profit corporations, which was accomplished in 2018. All members of the IGC Scholarship Fund are also members of the Garden Club, which was re-named The Inverness Garden Club of West Marin.

The majority of donors to the IGC Scholarship Fund have strong connections to West Marin.  Our community is supporting our young people in their pursuit of higher education and productive futures.