About Our Awards

We are extremely proud that we are currently able to grant undergraduate scholarships that total approximately $600,000 annually. These scholarships are funded primarily by dollars raised each year from the community, an extraordinary level of support.

  • IGC Scholarship Fund scholarships are unrestricted, renewable for 4 years 

    The awards are unrestricted so that our scholars may use the funds for tuition and/or college related expenses.
  • In addition to awarding scholarships, we mentor scholars throughout college, providing advice and guidance to encourage academic progress. 

    In order to help our scholars continue to succeed academically, we help them access campus resources to support their progress.

    We mentor our scholars throughout their college years, keeping an eye on their emotional well being and life circumstances. We offer advice and guidance when our scholars need support. 

Our scholars often turn to us when they are challenged as well as when things are going well and they want to share the good news.