Application FAQs

What are the eligibility requirements?
Qualifying students must either have lived in coastal West Marin for at least one year immediately prior to application or be a student at, or recent graduate of, Tomales High School. Read the full description here.
Do you ever consider applications who don’t meet the eligibility requirements?
We do not consider applicants who do not meet the requirements. We encourage you to look elsewhere for scholarships that will meet your needs.
When does the application window open?
On December 15th, applications become available on this website for coastal West Marin high school seniors, Tomales High School seniors, other first-time applicants from coastal West Marin, and continuing scholars. Read more here.
What is the deadline for submitting an application?
The submission deadline is March 1st for first-time applicants or February 15th for continuing scholars. Read more here.
Where do I find the link to the application?
When the application window opens on December 15th, there will be a button on the home page, as well as a link in the site navigation.
Do I have to complete my application all at once?
You do not need to complete your application at one time, but can work on it in stages. When you are ready to log out after each session, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the application and save it as a draft so you can come back to work on it later. When your application is complete, scroll to the bottom and click preview to check your work, then SUBMIT. Do not submit your application until it is complete – you cannot work on it after it is submitted.
What information will I need to gather to complete my application?
You can see a full explanation of the application process, including all the information you will need, here: First Time Applicant Instructions or here: Continuing Scholar Instructions.We highly recommend reading this carefully, and starting to gather this information as early as possible so that you don’t have any last minute surprises. If you are a first-time applicant, don’t forget to request references (see next FAQ).
How do I request references?
As soon as you decide to apply for an IGC Scholarship, decide also whom you would like to have write your recommendations, and reach out to them ASAP to see if they are willing to do so. Once they have agreed to write recommendations, there will be a button on the application that will take you to the recommendation request form, where you can input their contact info. They will be contacted with instructions on how to submit their recommendation so that it is linked to your application. Be sure they know that their recommendations must be received by our deadline of March 1, 2020, in order for your application to be complete. When a recommendation is received, you will be able to see the name of the person who submitted it on your account page.

One recommendation must be from a teacher or counselor who is familiar with your academic abilities.

The second reference may be submitted by another teacher or counselor, or be a personal recommendation by someone who supervised you in an extracurricular activity such as a student club, sport, or volunteer organization, or who has employed you, or who knows you well in another context.

Your references will need time to complete and submit your recommendation.

How do I upload supporting documents to my application?
The online application has upload fields for each of the required documents. You will need to have them on your computer in one of the following formats: gif, jpg, png, rtf, pdf, doc, or docx. There will be a browse button in the form, which will allow you to find the document on your computer and upload it. If you are having technical difficulties you can contact the webmaster at If you need help getting copies of the forms in the first place, you can contact
If you are asked for additional documents after your application is complete, you will be given instructions on where to upload those. You will need to be logged in to your account on the site to do so.
How can I get help with my application?
If you need assistance navigating the application process, please contact or your high school counselor.
Is there any mentoring available to scholarship recipients?
Yes. All new scholars will be assigned a Liaison who is a member of the IGC Scholarship Fund and who will be in contact with their scholars throughout their years in college as long as those scholars are recipients of an award. The Liaison is responsible for monitoring each scholar’s academic progress, providing support if needed, and being a source of recommendations and advice.
How are the scholarships paid?
You can see a full explanation of the payments and calendar here.